Netwerx-Management ... redefining network and system administration.

Solid performance from qualified people in a rapidly advancing world of technology and society. NetWerx-Management offers cost effective solutions without placing your needs in a template 'one solution fits all' approach.

Detail to special project and database development as well as targeted preventative maintenance from your workstations to enterprise servers and Intranet/Internet presence with expert resources sets NetWerx-Management apart from the crowd.

We look forward to helping you refocus on your company's goals and not on worrying about your computer systems. Qualified to administer AS/400, Novell NetWare, Microsoft NT and UNIX (BSD, LINUX, SCO and AIX) systems as well as being A+, Network+ and Microsoft MCSE+I certified allows us to address almost any situation.

We offer a free evaluation and client interview to go through your needs... point by point.

Note: NO ' * ' following 'Free' indicating "no conditions attached"